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Energy Tracking Provides End-To-End Solutions for Energy Metering, Monitoring and Management:

Energy Tracking’s R&D and its software development groups have worked hard over the years to provide a turn-key solution when it comes to energy metering, monitoring and management for end users.

Our goal is to help end user’s achieve their target goals. To facilitate these goals, we designed our own metering technology. Our Web Enabled Electric Meter (WEM-MX) is revenue grade compliant to ANSI C12.20 (0.2% accuracy). For end users who need to measure energy sources such as gas, water, steam, oil, etc; we designed the Web Enabled Pulse Data Logger (WEPM) which can also capture a KYZ output from an existing electric utility meter. We embedded a web server in each of our products so that they can easily be accessed and configured simply by using a web browser - MS Internet Explorer.

In the process, we made sure that we did not use any propriatory protocols and allow third parties to easily access data from our metering technology. We integrated automated and periodic outbound reporting via email, FTP and web services so that data is delivered on time and as expected. Furthermore, we opted to use XML in the data reporting which has now become the de-facto machine-to-machine reporting mechanism.

We have designed and built Enterprise Energy Tracking Analytics (ETA); a web portal hosted solution that allows end users immediate and long term access to energy usage information.

ETA is an enterprise level energy management software web portal that automatically collects and manages valuable energy data and then translates the data into useful and actionable insights to users. ETA’s cloud-based robust data capture and analysis help users gain control over their energy costs via variety of interactive and automated energy analytics tools that are delivered via a convenient and easy to use web browser.

ETA manages large volumes of historical data from meters. It presents current data up to the last granular interval, hourly, daily, and monthly or yearly as well as historical data both in tabular and graphical form providing greater visibility and control of energy consumption. ETA helps uncover hidden saving opportunities in complex energy environments.

Energy Tracking’s proven metering technology and global implementation to over 32 countries world-wide provides best-in-class data analytics capabilities and is an established leader in providing smart energy solutions to help improve operational efficiency, strategic energy management and provide greater visibility. ETA’s value delivery framework with extensive energy domain expertise provides comprehensive strategic energy management solutions, cost tracking/reduction and more.

The combination of our hardware and software technologies enables end user’s to execute and achieve their goals towards energy metering, measurement, monitoring and management.

Benefits & Where We Can Help:
  • Real Time metering, monitoring & management of total energy usage.
  • Instantaneous real time access to measurement and metered data via the Internet or local network.
  • Get details about the amount and timing of your energy use, so you can adjust accordingly and reduce energy costs.
  • Historical metered data comparison can be used to compare and identify operation changes.
  • Create baselines of energy usage metered data to compare and identify operation changes.
  • Identify and implement operational strategies to control load factor, peak load requirements and reduce energy waste.
  • Understand and improve consumption patterns.
  • Measure and verify anticipated energy savings from energy efficiency modifications.
  • Identify and assess on a real time basis the fiscal impact of the energy consumption.
  • Highlight anomalies in consumption.
  • Associate energy usage to cost via ET Analytics Tariff module.
Please review WEM-MX Screen Shots & ET Analytics.

Data Sheet for Enterprise Energy Tracking Analytics (ETA):Click Here.

Real Time Data Metering, Monitoring And Reporting:

Nowadays, majority of buildings have a Ethernet - TCP/IP network already present. Our meter’s connection to a network is identical to that of a PC or laptop. There are 5 ways energy usage data can be accessed.

1. Connecting to the meter’s Web Server provides immediate access to data via MS Internet Explorer web browser.

2. Meter can be set up to send reports periodically via email.

3. Meter can be set up to send reports periodically via FTP.

4. Meter can be set up to send reports periodically via web service.

5. Meter can be set up to report to ET Analytics.

Acquiring data in real time from a network enabled meter has many advantages and provides significant benefits. Real-time data provides a greater understanding of the dynamic response characteristics of energy usage. Acquiring real-time data enables proactive management as after-the-fact does not help.

The most important is its ability to send frequent reports has no impact on communication costs, unlike the telephone-modem based meters. For example, load profile data can be dispatched every 1 minute.

Certain applications such as tenant billing only require once a month reporting which can also be setup in the meter, but knowing that you can generate or provide more frequent reporting has value in the sense that such reporting can prevent end of month ‘shock’ should energy usage go unexpectedly high. The meter can be setup to report to (cc:) tenants that would benefit from this.

If the meter sends an email warning of a peak demand threshold being crossed, you can take immediate action to avert this.

Energy Usage Analysis:

Using the interval logging capabilities of our meter, you can identify where, when and how much energy is used over time. You can chart and print energy consumption by months, weeks, days, hours or sub intervals.

You can identify when the highest peak demand occurred and the time at which it occurred.

You can compare energy consumption on various days to identify anomalies and review changes in operation. You can also perform kWh v/s kVARh, kW v/s kWh analysis or compare energy usage of multiple sites.
Billing Analysis: Our ET Analytics software application has a tariff module which allows you to enter energy and demand costs for weekdays, weekend and holidays. You can then generate and print a bill based on the tariff.
For more details, please review Energy Management.
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