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Web Enabled Sub Metering:
FEBRUARY 7, 2008

Flanders - NJ.

Energy Tracking’s metering technology was selected to measure energy usage of 22 schools at the York Catholic School District in Ontario, Canada. Local utilities are providing pulse outputs from the existing meters enabling the use of Energy Tracking’s Web Enabled Pulse Module (WEPM).

"We are pleased with the initial review and performance of Energy Tracking’s sub metering technology which enables us to acquire electric consumption data at a much lower cost by using our existing electric meters. One of our goals is to increase student awareness on the importance of energy conservation. We subsequently plan to sub meter all of our 97 schools." said
Mr. Norm Vézina, Manager of Building Systems.

Energy Tracking’s WEPM a 4 channel data logger that captures KYZ pulse outputs from existing meters. It enables end users to measure electric, gas, water, steam and other energy sources from transducers that provide a pulse output. In addition, its Internet enabled capability provides a superior solution with the ability to send consumption load profile reports via email and ftp.


Energy Tracking is committed to providing high quality, advanced revenue grade metering and software technology at reasonable prices.

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