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Energy Tracking’s Next Generation Meter: WEM-MX
DECEMBER 11, 2007

Energy Tracking is announcing the release of their next generation meter. The WEM-MX which combines revenue grade electric metering accuracy and an Ethernet enabled module for two way communications and reporting. This smart Internet enabled energy meter provides a superior solution with the ability to be accessed in real time via a standard web browser and be configured to send consumption, demand and load profile reports via email and ftp. More details are provided below.

Key Features:

  • 4 Line LCD Display:
       links Scrolling values of kW, kWh, Voltage and Current by Phase.
       links Power factor by Phase.
       links Reactive Energy kVARh.
       links Meter ID, MAC, IP Address.
       links Date and Time.
       links Diagnostic Data.
  • 4 Quadrant Metering provides Delivered and Received values.
  • Load Profile 4 Channels: kWh & kVARh (delivered and received).
  • Configurable demand reset date and load profile logging interval.
  • Internet connectivity via dynamically assigned IP address or fixed IP address.
  • email notification with cc: option, data transfer via ftp, web server.
  • FTP client - To send load profile, demand and consumption summary details.
  • SNTP for time synchronization.
  • Embedded Web Server. Log-in to web server is authenticated.
  • Open Protocol - Data encapsulation format - XML.
  • Programmable alpha-numeric meter ID and meter serial number.
  • Programmable demand (kW) threshold. Meter sends email when exceeded.
  • email/ftp (daily) reporting of peak demand, consumption and previous months energy usage.
  • email/ftp reporting of load profile data at end of interval or at fixed intervals.
  • Reports include total kWh, last interval's kW, voltage, current, power factor, frequency.
  • Mail and ftp reports can be sent at any desired frequency of 1 to every 60 minutes or daily.
  • Open Protocols XML, HTTP, SMTP, SNTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS.
  • Li-ion battery backup. Charging circuit built-in.
  • Stand Alone operation where no Ethernet network is present.
  • Compact design. Dimensions: (W X L X H) 3.8" X 6.4" X 3.25".
  • Optional LCD with or without backlight.


Energy Tracking is committed to providing high quality, advanced revenue grade metering and software technology at reasonable prices.

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Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.