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Energy Tracking’s WEM-MX Smart Meter Meets Smart Grid via XML/SOAP Web Service Client
MARCH 16, 2009

Energy Tracking is announcing the release of an enhanced capability added to its metering product lines. The WEM-MX meter can now be setup to send data using XML/SOAP web service client. This new version will allow communications via HTTP and eliminates the hassles of going through secure firewalls that too often prevent ftp traffic.

One of the major advantages of this capability is the ability to transmit data using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) which is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information on an Ethernet network. With the data content provided in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and using HTTP, it becomes the ideal method to transmit and receive data in a smart grid environment.

In summary, the key advantages are:
  • Using SOAP over HTTP allows for easier communication through firewalls.
  • SOAP is platform independent.
  • SOAP is language independent.
  • SOAP is simple and extensible.

    The WEM-MX combines revenue grade electric metering accuracy and an Ethernet enabled solution for two way communications and reporting. This smart Internet enabled energy meter provides a superior solution with the ability to be accessed in real time via a standard web browser and be configured to send consumption, demand and load profile reports via email, ftp or XML/SOAP web service client.

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