Web Enabled Energy Meter for Submetering and Tracking, kWh Meter, Power Measurement, Energy Management, Load Profile, Billing

About Us:

Energy Tracking, LLC was founded in 2005 and helps companies implement advanced metering technology by providing innovative IP enabled smart electric measurement meters, pulse input data loggers and advanced energy information metering software.

We provide seamless end-to-end energy measurement and energy data access solutions, solving core problems corporations face when it comes to accessing, managing and maintaining energy metering data and converting it to valuable information for energy management.

Our goal is to improve the speed and quality of information, so that energy professionals will be able to make better energy management decisions, conserve energy and reduce costs.

The people of Energy Tracking create a unique pool of expertise in identifying needs in energy markets and in applying advanced metering technologies to meet those needs.

We create value for our customers from energy usage data. Our success in this business leverages our know how and domain expertise in:

  • Advanced Revenue Grade Energy Metering and Power Measurement.
  • Internet Technologies - Web Server, Email, FTP & Web Services - Reporting Data in Real-time.
  • Getting data to the right place at the right time over the Internet.
  • Software Technologies - Providing and fulfilling end user's analytical needs.
  • Energy markets.
  • Storing and managing large volumes of metered data.

What We Do:

We provide advanced revenue grade metering hardware and software for energy metering, tracking and management.

We combine the latest microprocessor technologies utilizing 100% open protocols and the Internet to unlock the opportunities and provide data in real time.

Users can easily access key information such as billing, real time consumption, demand and load profile data. Our Enterprise Energy Tracking Analytics cloud based web portal (ETA) application provides the ability to acquire data from our devices and display the information.

Our advanced technology utilizes 100% open protocols for transmitting energy metered data over the Internet enabling easy access and development of custom client applications to extract data from the our meters and data loggers. Our meters have the ability to transfer metered information over the Internet via IP, FTP, SMTP (email) or Web Services (HTTP).

The data reported by our metering technology is in XML. The XML data format is the same via http, email, ftp or web service client which provides a standardized method of data extraction irrespective of the mode of communication for metered energy data transfer. Energy Tracking has encapsulated metering data using open protocols such as XML so that the data can be accessed easily - simply by using MS Internet Explorer web browser. XML has become the defacto standard for machine to machine communications and is also human readable.

Our Culture:

Simply said, we say what we mean, and do what we say. Our clients should expect nothing less.

We value the process of learning about our clients and their requirements. Understanding equips us for mutual success.

Our solutions will be innovative, practical, and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Quality is far less costly than re-work. We are committed to provide the highest quality products & services to meet your needs.

Collaboration fosters better ideas, enables change, and delivers solutions that are accepted by all stakeholders.

We exist for our clients and respond to them with an acknowledgement of that fact.

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