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Energy Tracking’s Clients:

Energy Tracking works hard to provide exceptional solutions and have exported our technology to over 32 countries world-wide. Industry-leading companies, in turn, trust Energy Tracking to help accurately measure, track and manage their power and energy consumption / production. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, medium to large scale commercial companies, educational, government, Utilities and non-profit organizations.

We succeed because our energy metering technology is proven and client satisfaction is our top priority, and because we provide the care, assistance, and advice that clients deserve and should expect from their metering and software provider. We take the privilege and responsibility of being a trusted advisor and support supplier seriously, and we're very proud of our relationship with our clients. We're convinced that Energy Tracking's offerings can benefit your organization. We're ready to go to work for you. Below is a sample of our clients:

  • A&P Electrical Services.
  • Aarco Electric, Inc.
  • Aberdeen Proving Ground - Army Base (Maryland).
  • Accor Group (The Netherlands).
  • ACT Aerospace Company.
  • Adams Electric Cooperative Inc.
  • Adon Solar.
  • Agentis Energy.
  • Agusta County VA
  • All Americom / ProCell.
  • All Phase Electric Supply.
  • Alpha Energy And Electric Inc.
  • ALTIVIA Petrochemicals, LLC
  • AMCOR Rigid Plastics.
  • America Energy Services S.A. de C.V.
  • American Energy Partners, LLC.
  • American Megatrends, Inc.
  • American Sleep Medicine, Ltd.
  • American Solar.
  • Applied Controls Pty Ltd.
  • A Finkle & Sons.
  • Aspen Electric, LLC.
  • Astrum Solar.
  • Augusta County of Virginia.
  • AURA - Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc.
  • B.J. Baldwin Electric, Inc.
  • Bagby Electric.
  • Balon Corporation.
  • Barrier Solar.
  • Basin Harbor Club.
  • Beacon Power Services.
  • BEC Electric, Inc.
  • Blair Academy.
  • Blosser Electric, Inc.
  • Bomark Electric.
  • BP Mechanical.
  • Bright Light Solar.
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology (Canada).
  • Brown Coach Transportation, Inc.
  • Cal-Ore.
  • Cambria Solar.
  • CEA Power, LLC.
  • CED GreenTech Solar - San Diego.
  • CED Riverside.
  • Century Slate & Solar.
  • Certified Solar Pros.
  • Cingular.
  • Citi Green Solar, Inc.
  • Clarkson University.
  • ClearWater Power Co.
  • Clipper Creek, Inc.
  • Cloverland Farms Dairy.
  • Code Green Solar.
  • Consumers Energy.
  • Cornerstone Gardens.
  • Columbia University.
  • Computer Associates.
  • ConEdison Solutions.
  • Constant Current, Inc.
  • Consulting Convergence & System SA (Switzerland).
  • Consumers Energy.
  • CoroGen Buro & Design Center.
  • Conservation Resource Corporation.
  • Constellation Energy Group.
  • Cosmpec, Inc.
  • Crest Management & Development.
  • Cross Refrigeration.
  • Cupertino Electric, Inc.
  • Distributed Energy Management, Inc.
  • DL Nittler Construction.
  • Dominion Electic - Baltimore.
  • Driven Solar.
  • Durand Glass Manufacturing Company.
  • Duke Energy.
  • Dynamic Solar, LLC.
  • Earnest Company.
  • East Kentucky Power Corp.
  • Ecology & Environment, Inc.
  • Ecosun.
  • Eemax, Inc.
  • Efficient Energy Concepts, Inc.
  • ElecTraTech Services Inc.
  • Electric Company of Omaha.
  • Electric-Medic.
  • Emmit Labs.
  • E & M Specialists, Inc.
  • EM Services - GEXPRO.
  • ENERGCON (Belgium).
  • Energen Technologies, Inc.
  • Energy Analytics (S. Africa).
  • Energy New England.
  • Energy Optimization Asia.
  • Energy Knowledge Group.
  • Enigin PLC:
       link Ekon Energy Management Group, LLC.
       link GDS Energy Management Consultants Ltd.
       link Green Energy Innovations, Inc.
       link Intelligent Energy Solutions.
       link Smart Energy Plus Ltd.
       link Canquest Communications, Inc.
  • Enki Technology, Inc.
  • Enphase Energy.
  • EnviGree, Inc.
  • EnviroAssets, Inc.
  • Environ.
  • Environet Systems.
  • Envision Plastics.
  • Esam Group (Canada).
  • Exact Packaging, Inc.
  • Fairfax Electric.
  • Family Life Communications.
  • Fast Heat.
  • Ferguson Water Works.
       link Fort Bliss.
  • First Call Electric & Fire.
  • Foothill Electric.
  • Frank B Lesher Electric Company.
  • FISK Internet Services.
  • Fort Bragg - Army Base (NC).
  • Frostburg State University.
  • G-Crew LLC.
  • Gateway School District.
  • General Bearing Corporation.
  • Genie Solar Energy.
  • Get Green Remodeling,Inc.
  • GexPro, Inc.
  • Global Energy Services.
  • Global Water Technology, Inc.
  • GoGreenSolar.
  • Golden West Energy
  • Grand Properties, LLC.
  • Granite Bay Energy.
  • Graybar.
  • Green Ox Energy Systems.
  • Green Planet Solar.
  • Green Path Technology.
  • Green Street Energy, LLC.
  • H. Edward Darney, Inc.
  • Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
  • Halcyon Solar Construction.
  • HALEAKALA Solar.
  • Harcourt, Inc.
  • Harvest Power Solar.
  • Hawaii Unified.
  • Haynes Brands.
  • Helpcomm, Inc.
  • Higgens Electric, Inc.
  • Hoeganaes Corporation.
  • Holtek Fireplace&Solar Products.
  • Howard County Maryland Gov.
  • Hunt Power.
  • HydraFLX Systems, LLC.
  • Hydro Care International.
  • Idaho National Labs.
  • Idahoan Foods.
  • Informing Ecological Design, LLC.
  • Innoventive Power.
  • IDT Corp.
  • Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc.
  • Intelen R&D Group (Greece).
  • Interstates Construction.
  • Intertek, Inc.
  • Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd.
  • John W. Kay Electrical Contractor, Inc.
  • Johnson Controls.
  • K&C Electrical Enterprise, LLC.
  • K&S Electrical Contracting, LLC
  • Kasselman Solar, LLC.
  • Kelly Electric.
  • Keynote Systems, Inc.
  • Kilawatt Technologies, Inc.
  • KLEAR Electric Corp.
  • KMART.
  • Kuykendall Solar.
  • 3rd Rock Systems:
       link Alpine Elementary School
       link Manor Elementary School
       link Palm School
       link Museum, Missouri
       link Heinrich Property Management
       link Conley-Caraballo
       link Poway
  • Legend Power Systems, Inc.
  • LeTourneau Technologies, Inc.
  • LGS Bell Labs Innovations.
  • Locus Energy, LLC.
  • Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
  • MadDash, Inc.
  • Magenta (UAE).
  • Maine Green Solutions.
  • Maine Energy Performance Solutions.
  • Mare Island Dry Dock.
  • Maryland Green Power Co.
  • Mass Transit Authority (LEED - New York).
  • Masters Electric.
  • Mauritius Telecom.
  • MetroCell Construction, Inc.
  • Midwest Energy Cooperative.
  • Mister Sparky.
  • Morrow-Meadows Corp.
  • MTD Products.
  • Mundo Inmobiliario S.A.
  • Nagatuck Valley Community College.
  • NASCO.
  • National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO / AURA).
  • National Technical Information Service (NTIS).
  • Nest Energy Systems.
  • NexGen Construction Services, Inc.
  • NorthEast Solar.
  • North State Solar Energy.
  • NovusEdge, Inc.
  • NSTechUSA, Inc.
  • OConner Electric.
  • Ohio State University.
  • Omni-Global, LLC:
       link SpaceNet
       link Mona Electric
  • Onyx Renewable Partners, L.P.
  • Orange County Public Library.
  • Orion Energy Systems, Inc.
  • Owens Electric & Solar.
  • Pacific Industrial Electric.
  • Pacific Power Renewables, Inc:
       link Aerospace Museum; McClellan, CA.
       link City of Auburn; Auburn, CA.
       link Constellation Wines; Gonzales, CA.
       link Del Oro High School; Loomis, CA.
       link Far West Rice Mill; Nelson, CA.
       link Olivehurst Public Utility District; Olivehurst, CA.
       link Port of Sacramento; West Sacramento, CA.
       link Sierra Aluminum; Fontana, CA.
       link Sunset Moulding; Chico, CA.
       link Vie Del Company; Fresno, CA.
       link Yuba Sutter Autobody; Yuba City, CA.
       link Magnussen’s Dodge; Auburn, CA.
       link Auburn Honda; Auburn, CA.
       link Auburn Toyota; Auburn, CA.
       link CEMO; El Dorado Hills, CA.
       link Ceronix; Auburn, CA.
       link Evergreen 76; West Sacramento, CA.
       link MidPacific Industries; Woodland, CA.
       link Nella Gas Stations, CA.
       link TPC; West Sacramento, CA.
       link Universal Forest Products; Thornton, CA.
       link University Honda; Davis, CA.
       link Whipple Chevron; Redwood City, CA.
       link Toyota Autobody Shop; Auburn, CA.
       link Lexus of Fremont; Fremont, CA.
  • Palomar Solar.
  • Paul Bunyan Communications.
  • Peak Energy Systems.
  • Peak Power Services, Inc.
  • Peak Software Corporation.
  • Pell Solar.
  • Petroleum Corporation Of Jamaica (Jamaica).
  • Pike County Career Technology Center.
  • PL Consulting Corp.
  • PNE Interests, Inc. (Asset Management).
  • PPL SavageAlert, Inc.
  • ProCell / AllAmericom.
  • ProspectSolar.
  • Polypipe, Inc.
  • Port of Los Angeles.
  • Power Quality Engineering (Malaysia).
  • Power TakeOff, L.P.
  • Pratt & Whitney Corporation.
  • Premier Power.
  • PSOMAS - Riverside Transit Agency.
  • Pulse Energy.
  • Pure Solar Power.
  • Purina Pet Care.
  • Pyramid Solar.
  • Quality Attributes Software.
  • Queens Botanical Gardens (LEED).
  • Radco Communications.
  • Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport.
  • Reading Municipal Light Department.
  • Renova Energy Corp.
  • Ridgely Farms.
  • RIFCO Holdings, Inc.
  • RLM Communications.
  • Robinson Electric Supply Co., Inc.
  • Rollins College.
  • R. K. Electric.
  • Royal Wholesale Electric.
  • Run On Sun.
  • Scalo Solar Solutions.
  • Search Energy Inc.
  • Sears.
  • Seldera.
  • Setsquare Energy Solutions.
  • Shorebreak Energy Developers.
       link Pueblo, CA.
       link Casa Del Ray, CA.
       link Countrywood, CA.
       link Grove Manor, CA.
       link Imperial - San Jose, CA.
       link Imperial Stockton, CA.
       link Lily Of The Valley, CA.
       link London Spires, CA.
       link Oceanside RV Park, CA.
       link Rowland, CA.
       link Suncrest, CA.
  • Silicon Controls NZ Ltd.
  • Singapore Polytechnic.
  • SKelley Electric.
  • Smallcomb Wiring, Inc.
  • SoCore Energy.
  • Sol Power Construction.
  • Solair, LLC.
  • Solar Craft.
  • Solar Energy Sense.
  • Solar Plus.
  • Solar Rising.
  • Solex Energies.
  • Sound Solar Systems, LLC.
  • Southwest System Monitoring, Inc.
  • State Electric Supply Co.
  • Stationary Power Services, Inc.
  • Stratiss Qatar
  • Sunbelt Solar Corporation.
  • Sunetric.
  • Sun First! Solar Energy Systems.
  • Sun-Light Direct:
       link San Diego State University
       link Oak Ridge National Laboratory
       link Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
       link Aveda Corporation
       link Wallmart
  • Sun Smart US.
  • SunSytem Technology.
  • SunWize Technologies.
  • Synapse Electric.
  • The Solar Center.
  • Tiger Electric.
  • Turbine Services Ltd.
  • The American University of Kuwait.
  • Theta Pro2Serve Management Company, LLC.
  • Toronto And Region Conservation Authority.
  • Track Flow LP.
  • Triacta Power Technologies.
  • Turbine Services Ltd.
  • UCS.
  • Ultimate Best Buy.
  • Ultra-Lum Services, LLC.
  • US Department of Defense.
  • US Department of Energy.
  • USDA.
  • US Army.
  • USIS.
  • US West Energy Solutions.
  • Valley Energy Solutions.
  • Vedero Software.
  • Veederline Pty. Ltd.
  • Veolia Environmental Services.
  • V.S. Hovnanian Group.
  • ViaWest.
  • Virgin Islands Water And Power Authority.
  • Vista Solar, Inc.
  • Vornado.
  • York Catholic School District (Ontario - CA).
  • Weil-McLain.
  • Washington State Ferries - Department Of Transportation.
  • Water Metrics Co. West.
  • Watershed Technologies, Inc.
  • Wayzata Public Schools.
  • WBOC-TV.
  • Weber Electric.
  • WebMonitor (Mexico).
  • WESCO International, Inc.
  • Wicomm Construction.
  • Wired In To The Future, Inc.
  • Wooster Engineering.
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation.
  • XLCR Inc.


"We have tried other brands of meters, and have not found any that work as well as the meters you provide.  We have always been 100% satisfied with your meters, and currently have over 70,000 modules being monitored with them..."

- Jennifer Goodwin - Pacific Power Renewables, Inc.

"We, at Foothill Electric, are strongly supportive of these meters and highly recommend them to our clients. They are adaptable for all phases of energy monitoring and are the meters of choice for all our jobs."

- Paul Reineck - Foothill Electric.

"Until I bought your meter, I had come to expect the worst from electronic submeters (I have used 4 others before yours) so when I received the WEM-MX 333mV, *PRE-INSTALLED in the BEST ENCLOSURE I have ever seen (and with every little extra that might be needed already thought of and included), well I was very pleased to say the least. Also, at every step of the way, the quality and design of your meter and the accuracy of your advice so exceeded my expectations that I learned to simply take you at your word, that anything you said would be the best advice, that ultimately I would come to the same conclusion. Thanks again for all your help and for such a great product."

- Skip Nichandros

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