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Technology Overview:

Typical energy measurement sources are electricity, natural gas, water, oil, propane, and steam. Your facility may have an existing measurement device that provides a pulse output and you simply need a means to acquire the data. Alternatively, you need a measurement, data logging and reporting device.

Our products are ideally suited for primary metering or submetering and depending on your requirements, one or more of our product lines will help you achieve your goals for energy measurement, tracking and management - hardware and software inclusive.

ProductsPrimary ApplicationSpecifications
WEM-MX Electric Sub Metering.Details | Specs
WEPM Pulse Data Logger - Electric, Gas, Water, Steam, etc.Details
WEM-IO Load Control & Pulse Data Logger.Details
ET Analytics Cloud based software to display, store and analyze data.Details
ET RTM Real-Time Mobile Application for Android OS.Details

Electric Metering:

Our revenue grade (0.2% accuracy) electric metering product is a web enabled meter (WEM-MX) that can be used for single phase or three phase applications and provides demand, consumption, load profile and time of use (TOU) data. It is a 4-quadrant meter also capable of reporting energy imported and energy exported. link Click here for more details on the WEM-MX Meter

Pulse Metering:

Our Ethernet/web enabled pulse metering product (WEPM) is designed to count pulses (also known as KYZ output) from existing meters such as electric, gas, steam, water, etc. and report time stamped load profile data. It has broad applications and can be used in any environment where a network enabled logging device is required. It is a multi-channel pulse input data logger. link Click here for more details on the Pulse Data Logger


The communication media for all our products is via Ethernet - TCP/IP. They are broad-band ready and can be configured for DHCP or Static IP. In addition, they have an embedded web server, can send emails and transfer data using ftp, Web Service or ModBus TCP. These features enable no cost, real time access for applications such as submetering and remote meter reading.


All our products have a built-in web server that can easily be accessed via MS Internet Explorer web browser. link WEM-MX Screen Shots & ET Analytics. Data is provided in XML format so that it can easily be extracted and processed as per our commitment to use 100% open protocols. However, many users are not software developers and require supporting applications that can acquire the energy usage data and display the information.

Our Enterprise Energy Tracking Analytics Web portal link (Click here for more details on ETA) provides significant reporting and management capabilities. ETA is an enterprise level energy information management software cloud based web portal that automatically collects and manages valuable energy data and then translates the data into useful and actionable insights to the customers. ETA’s cloud-based robust data capture and analysis help users gain control over their energy costs via variety of interactive and automated energy analytics tools that are delivered via a convenient and easy to use web browser. ETA manages large volumes of historical data from meters. It presents current data up to the last granular interval, hourly, daily, and monthly or yearly as well as historical data both in tabular and graphical form providing greater visibility and control of energy consumption.

We also offer a Real-Time Mobile Application for Android OS. link Click here for more details on ET RTM

Upgrade Capability:

All our products are field upgradeable. The ability to upgrade them reduces overall ownership costs and provides a means to install newer releases of firmware.

  • Better management of total energy usage.

  • Get details about the amount and timing of your energy use, so you can adjust accordingly and save money.

  • Load profile data provides 24X7 energy usage patterns.

  • Identify and implement operational strategies to control and manage load factor, peak load and reduce energy waste.

  • Understand and improve consumption patterns.

  • Measure and verify anticipated energy savings from energy efficiency modifications.

  • Highlight anomalies in electric / energy consumption. For example, a large night time increase may indicate that equipment is running unnecessarily.

  • Identify and assess on a real time basis the fiscal impact of the energy consumption.

  • Advanced notification via email of a higher peak demand being set.

  • Instantaneous real time access to measurement and metered data via the Internet or local network.

Data can be used to:

  1. Track in real time energy usage, load, power factor and when your peak demand occurs.
  2. Identify and manage peak demand to avoid high utility bills.
  3. Create benchmarks and baselines to compare variation in energy usage over time.
  4. Correlate energy usage to costs.
  5. Reduce and limit the energy costs for your business.
  6. Validate the utility bill.
  7. Perform extremely accurate forecasting for budgeting purposes.
  8. Optimize energy usage and increase dollars to the bottom line.


Beyond simply measuring electrical, gas, steam, or water consumption, metering provides an essential analytical tool for allocating cost and significantly helps in energy management by identifying energy usage patterns.

Advanced metering provides energy managers with the information they need to save energy and money as part of an effective O&M practice. Advanced metering also helps agencies identify energy savings opportunities, comply with energy reduction mandates, verify savings, and allows for participation in utility demand reduction programs.

If you are looking for a proven realtime communication enabled solid-state meter with high accuracy, reliability and functionality, please contact us.

In a time of rising costs and increasing pressure on worldwide energy resources, power consumption is becoming increasingly important as our natural resources decrease and our future environmental sustainability is at stake.

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