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Web Portal Application - Energy Tracking Analytics
ET Launches Web Based Software with Hosting Services
APRIL 10, 2008

Flanders - NJ.

Energy Tracking Analytics is a web based modular application that provides real time access to current and historical energy usage data for analysis anytime, anywhere via the Internet using a web browser. It can be used for any time series data or other energy resources such as electric, gas, water, steam, oil, solar, wind, etc.

When Energy Tracking Analytics is used with Energy Tracking’s smart TCP/IP enabled energy meter (WEM-MX) or the Web Enabled Pulse Module (WEPM), it enables a superior solution with the ability to access data in real time because both products have onboard web servers that provide data in XML. Both the WEM-MX and WEPM can send periodic reports via email and ftp enabling additional means of acquiring usage data.

Main features include:

  • Consumption and demand reporting - By interval, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.
  • Graphical Load Profile and real-time consumption and demand values such as voltage, current, power factor and more.
  • Drill down capability with identification of peak consumption and demand.
  • Energy Usage Comparison for one or more facilities.
  • Billing - Apply energy usage to tariffs.
  • Rich Reporting - Consumption and summary reports sent via email based on user preference.
  • Data Export to Excel.
  • Carbon footprint.
  • Kiosk summary view.
  • Budget Analysis.
  • Environmental - Temperature, humidity, etc.

    Energy Tracking also offers customization services.

    Prior Press Release: WEM-MX approval for CE and EMC certification.


    Energy Tracking is committed to providing high quality, advanced revenue grade metering and software technology at reasonable prices.

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